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Our Mission

Clingendael Run & Walk aims to promote the physical condition of its members. We are an active and fun running club for men and women of different ages and backgrounds. The club has a no-nonsense attitude and a healthy approach to being sporty; don’t exaggerate, enjoy the outdoors, encourage each other and take responsibility for your own health. We also pay attention to each other.

Clingendael Run & Walk has two sections: road/trail running and nordic walking. The training usually takes place in the Clingendael park or in the beautiful dunes of Meijendel. After the training there is an opportunity to shower and drink coffee.

Our club is member of the AtletiekUnie. This means that our trainers follow regular education. We are also insured against accidents and liability.

The Club

Clingendael Run&Walk was founded in 1968, so we celebrated our 50-years anniversary with a great beach-party, with a lot of activities which went on till late in the evening back in 2018.

However, we do not wait 50 years to celebrate or organise other activities. Our club has an active“Activiteitencommissie”, which regularly organises events for members, dining together, a bowling-event or other activity.



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